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Specialised Recruitment for
Life-Changing Care

Expertly Matching Skills and Needs in direct recruitment for hard-to-fill roles within Children's Residential Care and Complex Case Management.

Business Meeting
  • Utilise our extensive network to source candidates with the exact specialisms your service demands.

  • Navigate Ofsted requirements effortlessly; we'll match you with candidates who not only pass the "fit person" test but also identify dual registration prospects to amplify your home's commercial viability.

  • Customise competitive compensation packages with our expert advice, using local benchmarks to ensure you attract the right talent without exceeding budget constraints.

  • Specialist Focus in a Crisis: with the ongoing care recruitment crisis, we singularly focus on recruitment so you don't have to. Delegate this vital function to us and free up your valuable time for other case management responsibilities. Our expertise is cost-effective, costing less than what your time is worth.

  • Transparent, Task-Based Pricing: Gain financial control and efficiency with our transparent, task-based pricing model. Only pay for specific recruitment tasks you need—be it sourcing, interviewing, or onboarding.

  • Expertise in TBI & Holistic Compatibility: Our specialism in TBI staffing goes beyond technical requirements. We consider the full social and emotional spectrum, ensuring candidates are willing to engage in meaningful tasks such as painting nails or hair care, thus enriching the client's life.

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