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Why Us?

Social Care Recruiting has a fundamentally different approach:

We partner with your care business to source the staff you need.

Unlike other recruitment agencies or consultancies, we can do more than just give you staff.

We are significantly more affordable and better aligned with your ultimate success.

Our Cost

We construct a bespoke recruitment & retention offering for your business, starting as low as £2500 p/m (with any projects quoted separately). We have a 0 month notice and stand by our results. 

Our clients see cost per hire typically at 1/5th of their existing recruiters fee.  Your business will retain all the improvements accumulated whilst we work together.

Labour forms upwards of 50% of total costs for many of our clients. Every hire counts, every leaver incurs a significant cost (est. £2k-11k / person depending on the role and area). 

A consistent theme of our impact is agency expenditure reduction from reaching fully staffed, which in many cases more than covers the cost of working with us alone.

Our Approach

We support (or can lead) your immediate recruitment needs whilst developing your own in-house recruitment competitiveness and capabilities.

This could involve anything from calling applicants on your behalf on evenings and weekends (to ensure you are their first choice), through to providing salary market research and job description writing.

Our Aim

We aim to unlock the growth potential in your business by removing recruitment & retention bottlenecks.

Reinvesting time and financial savings to bolster your internal recruiting functions and staff retentions programs.

Our Belief

Care companies need to adapt to the changing job market dynamics - social care vacancy rates have doubled in the last year and turnover in the sector remains twice the UK average.


Care businesses who get caught out without a plan will have to turn down admissions, or worse, will be forced to hand back clients due to costs pressures. This is already being seen.

We believe that not only growth, but survival, hinge almost entirely on recruitment and retention. We are devoted to solving the problem, not exacerbating it. Get in touch today to see how we can help your business thrive.

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