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Client success stories

A highlight from a few of our recent clients.

In each case we were able to help them successfully recruited the staff they needed for admissions. 

Complex Child & Young adult - Gloucester

"We couldn’t get the staff we needed for our U18 admissions quick enough from Indeed, they helped us improve our hiring rate and candidate quality. This was much more cost effective for us than just buying perms"



The client needed several deputies and support workers urgently for both an upcoming admission along with backfilling existing vacancies. Upwards of 10% of the monthly staff cost was spent on agency temp usage and, purchasing 1-2 perms per month. 



The management team were clearly stretched so deputies were prioritised immediately:

  1. Researching local area competitor's salaries and benefits to establish minimum requirements to be competitive for the role

  2. Re-writing job descriptions to be more clear, mobile friendly and appealing, then boosting their Indeed listings with techniques to rank higher in the site's algorithm

  3. Working closely with the part-time internal recruiter to cover the hours she was not working, along with evenings & weekends (where 40-50% of applications came in)

  4. Identified, and fixed a number of steps in the recruitment process where there was poor communication, lengthy delays and excess information was being requested


We were able to hire all six of the deputies within 3 months, along with 11 support workers. It was repeatedly established that our client interviewed candidates ahead of other providers in the area and hence had the pick of the best candidates.


Our service ensured that the client's applicants that had applied over the weekend would have the ability to attend an interview the following Monday (ahead of any other interviews they would subsequently have lined up with other providers). 

The client's recruitment process had been modified to be far more streamlined; candidates showed to interview at a higher rate and waited less to be seen. They offered more of those who passed the screening, and saw fewer offer rejections, overall they saw a large pickup in hires.

Child and Adult care provider - Birmingham

"Best money spent yet on recruitment, lining up a list of valid applicants at the start of the week was really helpful. For a fraction of the usual recruitment cost we've put a ban on agency."


Our client was a relatively new business and did not yet have a dedicated internal recruiter.


We were able to step in and provide a 'virtual recruiter' style assistance to help them process support worker applicants and ultimately support them in hiring the staff they needed for their upcoming admissions.

Our 'out-of-hours' service provided much needed relief, ensuring that the management team were not finding themselves contacting applicants at all hours in order to fill vacancies. 

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