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Direct Recruitment
For Financial Deputies and Case Managers

"Social Care Recruiting were incredibly efficient and responsive.

They managed to find us a very promising Support Worker, who is currently being inducted into one of our hard-to-recruit packages.

It was also really helpful to have their input and expertise with establishing a suitable wage increase in the package."  - Michael B, Senior Case Manager, JSP NE

Pay only for recruitment results focused on client needs.

Our agency was specifically created to address urgent needs that others can't or won't fill. Where traditional temp agencies often fail, particularly in remote or complex cases, we excel. We're experts in direct recruitment, offering transparent, hourly-based services tailored to your unique challenges.

Beyond just technical fits like pay, hours, and rota, we deeply consider the emotional match between staff and clients. Whether it's willingness to do small but meaningful tasks like painting nails and doing hair, or sharing interests to enrich the client's life, we focus on holistic compatibility.

We exist because those most in need should never be overlooked; they deserve nothing less than our dedicated expertise.

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